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A productive workforce is healthy, motivated and feels safe at the workforce.  Employers have a primary responsibility of adopting practices that promote the well-being aimed at keeping their workers healthy and more productive, as they promote safety and prevention in the work environment.   PrevWORKS “mindset” believes that a healthy, motivated, and fulfilled workforce will be more productive than one that is not, thus “Wellness + Prevention = Productivity”.   Our approach is centered around optimizing workforce health and safety, minimizing risk, lowering expenses associated with managing work injuries while delivering interactive scalable health technologies that integrate data to provide immediate insights into injury care, causation analysis, surveillance and fitness determination.  

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About The Founder

Naila Khalaf, MD, Ph.D., MPH, M.Arch.

CEO and Founder Dr. Naila Khalaf is an expert in Occupational Medicine. In treating patients’ work-related injuries and illnesses, she saw the systemic inadequacies on all sides of workers’ comp cases. Dr. Khalaf envisioned a better, future-forward way for the workers’ comp system to function. She created an approach that incorporates prevention into the overall system: PrevWORKS.

PrevWORKS prioritizes workplace safety to protect employees, improve morale, and enhance productivity.



“I know my company cares about me. With PrevWORKS as part of our plan, I was able to get back to my job and my life faster.”

— Tom N.

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